3rd Sunday after Epiphany January 25, 2015 Mark 1:14-20   We had quite a long discussion about these very verses last week after listening in Philip Ruger-Jones recite the first chapter of the Gospel of Mark. We imagined the picture of Jesus walking along the lakeshore and just snapping his fingers, asking these fishermen to […]

Come and See

2nd Sunday after Epiphany January 18, 2015 John 1: 35-51   Come and see. These are words to invite to evoke to offer an opportunity. In the preaching workshop from which I’ve just returned, our topic was “Preaching in Times of Transition.” The session in which the presenter talked about our times and the powers […]

Called Beloved


Baptism of Our Lord January 11, 2015 Mark 1: 4-11   When’s the last time you thought about your baptism? If you’re like most of us, you probably don’t think of it very much. I make my Confirmation kids do some research on their baptisms, talk to their families about what that was like – […]


Epiphany Sunday January 4, 2015 Matthew 2:1-12   I’ve been watching the “Sacred Journey” series on PBS. Bruce Feiler follows along with Americans as they make pilgrimages to holy places in their faith traditions. The first night, American war veterans went to Lourdes, in France, the next one was Buddhist pilgrims on a trek through […]

Noticed, Favored, Blessed

4th Sunday in Advent December 21, 2014 Luke 1: 26-38   Is anyone ever ready for the things that change your life completely? I don’t think so. Even the things you long for, or the things that you never thought would ever come true leave you stunned, numb, waiting to catch your breath, and make […]