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Easter Sunday

April 20, 2014

Matthew 28:1-10


Here we are.  It’s been a long year for me.  Friends fighting cancer.  Marriages begun in such hope and love ending in the wilderness of failure.  A longed-for child lost before she’s even begun.  The world is full of shadows and sorrows and deaths.  I know you have your list, too.   All day yesterday, while I was looking at   [continue reading...]

Glory and the Cross


Palm/Passion Sunday

Processional Gospel: Mathew 21: 1-11

Gospel Reading: Matthew 27: 11-54

April 13, 2014


Here we are face-to-face with the paradox at the heart of our Christian life:  how can God be both the power that created life and also the one to die a brutal death as a terrorist?  Jesus’ death at the hands of the religious and political establishment of his day should not shock us.  We have seen so   [continue reading...]



5th Sunday in Lent

April 6, 2014

John 11:1-45


My kid called me for my birthday and her friend Rachelle was on the speaker phone to shout out “Happy Birthday, Mom!”  In the course of conversation, I explained that my Lenten discipline was learning to use Twitter, posting images to go with words of the day with a group of friends.  Melissa said   [continue reading...]

I Once Was Blind


4th Sunday in Lent

March 30, 2014

John 9:1-41


If this story doesn’t convince you that John is a master story-teller, nothing will.  A pastor friend of mine is looking for someone to turn this into a musical comedy.  You can almost see the staging, and find the place for the songs and choruses.  But for all it’s playability, it has a darker   [continue reading...]



3rd Sunday in Lent

March 23, 2014

John 4: 5-42


This is a story we think we know.  The church has been telling us for a long time that this woman was nearly a prostitute and that her conversation with Jesus was about her conversion and reinstatement into her community.  I’d like to offer a little different view.  In the arc of these   [continue reading...]

Questions in the Dark

2nd Sunday in Lent

March 9, 2014

John 3: 1-17



This story contains what may be the most famous Bible passage of our day.  We see it inscribed on signs held up between the goal posts at major football games and at the finish lines of marathons. We’ve seen and heard it in so many contexts that we’ve almost lost the story that   [continue reading...]

Being Beloved



1st Sunday in Lent

March 9, 2014

Matthew 3: 13-17 and 4:1-11


We’re destined to talk about temptation today, did you get that?  But I cannot talk about Jesus’ temptation by Satan in the wilderness without the story of his baptism.  And I hope to convince you that you should not ever think about temptation without thinking about your baptism, either.  That’s   [continue reading...]

Get Dusty

Ash Wednesday

March 5, 2014

Matthew 6: 1-6, 16-21


Earlier this week a friend of mine posted a picture on his Facebook page of a box of Peeps all of which had tiny charcoal crosses etched on their fore heads.  It made me chuckle.  And it made me think.  For me, and for my tradition, you have to go through Lent to get to Easter.  Is it because we need to remember how humble   [continue reading...]

See & Listen


Transfiguration Sunday

March 2014

Matthew 17:1-9


Here we are on the last Sunday in the season of Epiphany.  This season has been all about seeing Jesus and where he shows up at the beginning of his ministry and in the world around us.  As you can see, it ends with a bang. We can see Jesus all right, in all his heavenly glory.    [continue reading...]

Rules for Life


6th Sunday after Epiphany

February 16, 2014

Matthew 5: 21-37


My mother was an only child and the only thing she ever truly longed for were brothers and sisters.  So she could never understand why my bother and I fought constantly. We picked on each other, and got even in horrible ways.  Ask me about the day he threw the cat at my back.  Her fervent prayer was that such strife in our   [continue reading...]