Body Building

10th Sunday after Pentecost August 2, 2015 Ephesians 4: 1-16   You can click on this link to open the reading in Oremus Bible Browser.   What do you think of when we talk about body-building? I think of that woman body builder at the gym whose muscles flex into definition when she pulls down the […]

Always With Me

8th Sunday after Pentecost July 19, 2015 Mark 6: 30-34, 53 -56 When was the last time you felt like a sheep without a shepherd? Things have been hectic around here the last few weeks; it has felt to me as if anything of consequence that was going to happen this summer was happening in […]

Who Do You Trust?

6th Sunday after Pentecost July 5, 2015 Mark 6:1-13   You can click on this link to read the Bible verses in Oremus Bible Browser   So when you heard these two stories side by side did you find yourself wondering why those old guys who put together all the readings all those years ago would […]

Crossing Boundaries

5TH Sunday after Pentecost June 28, 2015 Mark 5:21-43  You can click on this link to read  the Bible story in Oremus Bible Browser.   Falling in Love with Jesus All Over Again “Crossing Boundaries”   If you could ask Jesus for one thing, what would it be? Would it be something you think of as […]

Dangerous Crossing

4th Sunday after Pentecost June 21, 2015 Mark 4: 35-41  You can click on this link to read the text in Oremus Bible Browser.   My Facebook this week had a story of a woman who is the Episcopal chaplain at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, the Rev. Dr. Donna Mote. There’s a picture of her […]