Living in the Meantime

  5th Sunday of Easter April 24, 2016 John13: 31-35  You can click on this link to read the text in Oremus Bible Browser. Prince died this week. He was 57 years old. I still think of him as the kid who seemed so weird, but who could sing a song that you couldn’t get out […]

The Shepherd’s Promise

4th Sunday of Easter April 17, 2016 John 10: 22-30  You can click on this link to open the reading in Oremus Bible Browser.   “Jesus, tender shepherd hear me/ bless thy little lamb tonight./Through the darkness be thou near me/keep me safe til morning light.” I can still hear my baby brother’s voice saying his […]

Receiving the Spirit

2nd Sunday of Easter April 3, 2016 John 20: 19-31   If you’ve been around here very long, you probably already know this story. We hear it every year on the Sunday after Easter, a Sunday the pastor usually takes off. So every seminary student and pulpit supply preacher has delivered a sermon on this […]


Easter Sunday March 27, 2016 Luke 24: 1-12   “Re-Member”   It’s done! Alleluia! Christ is risen! Christ is risen, indeed! Alleluia!   The crosses have been put away and the black cloths that covered the altar stripped away. The dirges have been sung and the sober services of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night are […]

Being Found

4th Sunday in Lent March 6, 2016 15: 1-3, 11-32   How many of you have heard this story before?   It’s one of the most famous tales of the Bible. Even people who never go to church have heard this story. That means we think we know it pretty well, so you can just […]