Be Prepared…

3rd Sunday in Advent December 14, 2014 John 1:6-8, 19-28   You gotta love those old guys in the 4th Century who decided what the Church would use as readings from Scripture for all of us. I hear you saying, “Didn’t we just talk about John the Baptizer last week?” Why are we still talking […]

The Beginning…..

2nd Sunday in Advent December 7, 2014 Mark 1: 1-8   Meet Mark the Evangelist, our guide to the story of Jesus for the coming Church year. There is no baby story here in Mark’s Gospel, and you will find that the style is rather short and abrupt compared to the smooth storytelling of Matthew […]

In the Meantime, Part Two

  23rd Sunday after Pentecost November 16, 2014 Matthew 25:14-30   This is the second parable in a series of three that we hear from Jesus just before his arrest.   In the chapter before this, Jesus’ disciples have been admiring the temple, it’s golden stones and it’s permanence. But Jesus warns them that such permanence […]