Who Says?

fig tree

16th Sunday after Pentecost  |  September 28, 2014  |  Matthew 21: 23-32 Does it seem as if the Temple priests are pretty riled up?  Well, they have good reason.  In the stories just before this, Jesus has ridden in to town on a donkey to the cheers of people who lined the way into the […]

Another Kind of Superhero

    Holy Cross Sunday September 14, 2014 John 3: 13-21   If you were inventing a religion, wouldn’t you want someone like a Savior-superhero who could save you from the forces of evil and protect the world from them, too.  You’d want someone who could save everyone from pain and loss and grief, and […]

  This morning, we have a very short service before going out into our community for a morning of service.  Some of us will be repainting a bathroom in a popular park, some will be planing flowers at the Assisted Living residence, and some will be packaging cookies and delivering them to our homebound members. […]


Can Jesus Learn?

  10th Sunday after Pentecost August 17, 2014 Matthew 15: [10-20] 21-28   So here’s the question:  does Jesus learn about his ministry as he meets new situations?   We meet Jesus today after a run-in with the strict Jewish sect, the Pharisees.  The confrontation has been about clean versus unclean.  This is not anything […]