Tesla Electric Car? Not!

2nd Sunday in Lent March 1, 2015 Mark 8:31- 38 (To read this text, go to bible.oremus.org ) Poor Peter! It’s easy for us to blame him for being so clueless, but stop and think a minute. Up to now, Jesus has been parading through the countryside, healing, feeding, casting out demons and proclaimed that the Kingdom […]

Good News in the Wilderness

1st Sunday in Lent February 22, 2015 Mark 1:9-15   Has this ever happened to you? You’ve committed to a new healthy practice – giving up smoking, losing weight, setting aside time to read your Bible and pray every day. You have it all planned; bought the groceries, set aside the proper time and place, […]

A Beacon

Transfiguration Sunday February 15, 2015 Mark 9: 2-9   This is a hard one to explain. I have read so many attempts to figure out what this means: is Jesus’ re-charging his batteries for the time that is soon coming in which he will be arrested, interrogated and killed? Is God sending him special power? […]

Church Matters

4th Sunday after Epiphany February 1, 2015 Mark 1:21-28   “And his fame spread throughout the territory.” I guess you can imagine that the word went out like wildfire after this encounter. Imagine coming to church, having the guest preacher assaulted by a guy in the back row standing up and screaming at him, and […]


3rd Sunday after Epiphany January 25, 2015 Mark 1:14-20   We had quite a long discussion about these very verses last week after listening in Philip Ruger-Jones recite the first chapter of the Gospel of Mark. We imagined the picture of Jesus walking along the lakeshore and just snapping his fingers, asking these fishermen to […]