Whose Image

19th Sunday after Pentecost October 19, 2014 Matthew 22: 15-22   Thanks to those ancient church fathers who gave us this lectionary text for today. On a day when we see Jesus put on the spot about loyalties to civil authorities or God, we are surrounded by the work of hands that represents the work […]

To Be the Vineyard

17th Sunday after Pentecost October 5, 2014 Matthew 33-46   Things are pretty tense in Jerusalem. Jesus is more and more confrontational with the Pharisees and other religious authorities. People are hearing his message of God’s kingdom being open to all and built on love and forgiveness and accepting it. People believe that Jesus is […]

Who Says?

fig tree

16th Sunday after Pentecost  |  September 28, 2014  |  Matthew 21: 23-32 Does it seem as if the Temple priests are pretty riled up?  Well, they have good reason.  In the stories just before this, Jesus has ridden in to town on a donkey to the cheers of people who lined the way into the […]