“40 Ideas for Keeping a Holy Lent”

these suggestions are shamelessly stolen from The House of All Sinners and Saints at http://www.patheos.org/blogs/nadia-bolz-weber/house

1. pray for your enemies

2. walk, carpool, bus

3. don’t turn on the car radio

4. give $20 to a non-profit


5. spend 5 minutes of silence at noon

6. look out the window and find the beauty you didn’t notice before

7. give away 5 items of your clothing

8. no bitching

9. do someone else’s chores

10. buy some $5 fast food gift cards to give away


11. call an old friend

12. pray the paper

13. read Psalm 139 bible.oremus.org


14. pay a few sincere compliments

15. bring your own mug

16. educate yourself about human trafficking www.praxis.org



17. forgive someone

18. internet diet

19. change on lightbulb to a CFL

20. try morning or evening prayer daily office.wordpress.com


21 ask for help

22. tell what you are grateful for


23.  write a thank you note for your favorite teacher

24. read Psalm 121 bible.oremus.org


25. bake a cake

26. no shopping day

27. light a virtual candle http://rejesus.co.uk/spirituality/post prayer

28. light an actual candle


29 introduce yourself to a neighbor

30. invest in canvas bags for the grocery store

31. donate your old stuff to the Habitat Restore

32. donate art supplies to an elementary school

33. read John 8: 1-11 bible.oremus.org


34. worship at a friend’s church, mosque, or temple and look for the beauty


35. confess a secret

36. no sugar day

37. give $20 to a non-profit

38. learn about a saint www.catholic.org/saints

39. pray for peace

40. pray for your enemies (surely you have some new ones by now) and decide which of these you’ll keep.




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